‘Evil Dead Rise’: First Image Teases the Bloody New Horror!! Check It Out!!

It’s finally Halloween which means it’s a great day to look forward to some of the exciting horror films coming in the new year. One of the most iconic horror franchises getting a revival in 2023 is Evil Dead in the appropriately titled Evil Dead Rise. The film is getting a theatrical release next April and, in honor of the spooky holiday, fans have been given a new look at the highly anticipated film.

The extremely disturbing image, posted by franchise star and producer Bruce Campbell, sees a female Deadite smiling through an apartment door peephole. Both the peephole and the Deadite are covered in blood. The caption that Campbell accompanies the image with reads, “Trick or treat, Deadites. Here is the first peek at Evil Dead Rise – in theaters April 21”.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this next Evil Dead film, but previously released plot details revealed that the story will follow two estranged sisters Ellie and Beth after they have an overdue reunion. However, because of unknown events, the two find the dreaded Necronomicon and both sisters have to survive through a “twisted version of motherhood”. Ellie, the older sister, has three kids in the film and the story takes place primarily in the Los Angeles apartment highrise she lives in which is a first for the series. This image gives us a terrifying glimpse of that unique setting. While it’s hard to tell who the Deadite is from the scary fishbowl like image, the demon has a striking resemblance to Alyssa Sutherland who plays Ellie in the film. From the looks of it the Necronomicon has claimed Ellie’s soul which doesn’t bode well for her children. Beth played by Lilly Sullivan will be the main focus of the film as she tries to save her sister and escape the hellish highrise alive.

Ever since The Evil Dead was released in 1981, it has been highly regarded as one of the best franchises in all of horror. Whether it has been the campy scares of the original or the more horror comedy roots of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, each evil entity in this franchise brought something new to the horrific demon filled table. Even the 2013 reboot is one of the scariest films ever made with its focus on real world addiction horror blended in with the classic Evil Dead imagery being brilliant. Evil Dead is the rare series without a bad entry in its over 40-year-old horror story. Director Sam Raimi and Campbell brought new energetic life to this genre, and it’s going to be exciting to see what director Lee Cronin is bringing to this next film. Especially since both Raimi and Campbell are executive producers on the project. Raimi even helped co-write the screenplay with Cronin. It will be particularly fun to see the story in a more populated area. Evil Dead is known for its secluded cabin setting, but apartment buildings are full of people and that only means this could see the most Deadites ever in a single film.

Evil Dead Rise is bringing the horror to the city of LA and releasing in theaters everywhere on April 21, 2023. This is after being promoted from its initial HBO Max release. Along with Sutherland and Sullivan, the film also stars Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher, and Mia Challis. While we wait for Rise’s first trailer you can view the new unsettling image down below.

evil dead first look
Image via Warner Bros

Check out the trailer from the first film of the franchise below:

via Collider

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