Jason Momoa Teases Arrival of Lobo to the DCEU!!

Exciting times are coming to the DC Universe, and there seems to be a lot happening behind the scenes to get fans truly hyped. With DC Studios replacing DC Films, and James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over from Walter Hamada in the handling of the superhero properties of the studio, new, exciting plans seem to lie ahead. The excitement seems to be reposed primarily in Justice League star, Jason Momoa with the actor saying that the new management is making his dreams come true. Not long after those comments, DC Studios co-head, Gunn posted his first post on the social media platform Mastodon – a photo of the DC bounty hunter, Lobo.

The timing of the post and the comments have sent some fans into a frenzy. Could Momoa be playing Lobo? Is this what the actor meant when he said his dreams were coming true? Sure, there are questions to be answered and when the questions were put to Momoa, the actor gave an answer of sorts. While speaking to ComicBook ahead of the release of the film, Slumberland, the actor was asked if there was any connection between the two situations. While falling short of giving a definite answer, Momoa confirms that the character of Lobo is one he holds dear. Speaking on the issue, Momoa replied:

“Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fan. The comic I collected the most, and I have every comic there is… you can do your research and find out what it is.”

So who is this character that makes him Momoa’s favorite? Lobo is one of those characters in DC Comics that can be referred to as an anti-hero/anti-villain. Originating from the utopian planet of Czarnia, Lobo is a bounty hunter and interstellar mercenary. Pinning him as a hero or villain is difficult, as he has fought against and alongside superheroes like the Man of Steel, Superman.

We are yet to have any official word from those like Gunn and Safran who could make it happen, but for the time at least, it seems Momoa will have some hand in the next project involving the character, be it a series or as a feature film. The bigger challenge and question, however, is what are the chances of Momoa playing the interstellar mercenary, given that the actor already plays Aquaman in the same universe? Should the decision be made to have Momoa in the role, there would be a precedent already set to follow. Gemma Chan portrayal of Minerva in Captain Marvel and Sersi in Eternals is one such example. Whether the Lobo tease is tied to Momoa’s “dreams coming true” remains to be as well.

In the meantime, you can see Momoa in the Netflix original film, Slumberland which premieres on November 18.


via Collider

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