‘Our Universe’ Trailer Teases the New Netflix Docuseries Narrated by Morgan Freeman!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has had some pretty famous voices narrating their nature documentaries over the past few years. From the soothing vocal stylings of big names including Richard Attenborough (Our Planet) to former President Barack Obama (Our Great National Parks), the streamer has consistently pulled out all the stops for their audiences. In a trailer for their upcoming Our Universe, Netflix has brought the biggest voice of them all — Morgan Freeman — to narrate the tale of how our planet came to be and how the creatures living on it have shaped its past, present, and future.

In the newly released trailer, we get just a taste of the docuseries that’s set to hit Netflix later this month with Freeman’s informative voice accompanied by incredible shots of wildlife. By land, sea, sky, and space, the clips shared in the teaser reveal a visually stunning production that will take audiences on a journey of discovering how over 13.8 billion years, we have “[reached] this one precious moment in time and space”. Aside from the closeups of reptiles, birds, mammals, and plants, the deep dives into the solar system are vibrantly eye-catching, with colors swirling around the cosmos. One thing is for sure — if you loved Planet Earth and can’t get enough of similar content, Our Universe will be your next favorite binge-able series. Mike Davis serves the six-episode production as its showrunner with Andrew Cohen producing the dazzling affair.

For those who can’t get enough of nature-based productions, Netflix has you covered as Our Universe is just the beginning in a long slate of Earth-centered spectacles coming to the streamer over the next two years. Following the release of Our Universe, Freeman will be at it again in 2023’s Life on Our Planet, which will take audiences into the past and introduce them to Earth the way it used to be and all the ecosystems that came with it. That project will be backed by the legendary Industrial Light & Magic, the George Lucas-founded Visual Effects Company that’s had its hands in everything from the Star Wars franchise to the Jurassic Park films.

Attenborough will be stepping back into the vocal booth for the sequel Our Planet II, which we’re expecting to look similar to Planet Earth as the same creators are behind the production. That series will focus primarily on migration patterns and why animals do what they do. That will wrap up 2023’s nature-centered programming with audiences taking a plunge and going under the sea in Our Oceans in 2024. Checking out the creatures and plants that call the world’s various oceans home, the series will take audiences along as they dive deeper and deeper into the depths of the seas. 2024 will also bring viewers Our Living World, a project that will focus on Earth’s biology, while 2025 will round out the upcoming slate with Our Water World getting its feet wet covering the planet’s water sources from everything from rivers to cloud forests.

As for Our Universe, you can begin to get acquainted with the show’s subjects in the vivid trailer below and catch it when it lands on Netflix on November 22.

via Collider

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