‘Stargirl’ Season 3: Brec Bassinger Confirms Alternate Ending Had Already Been Shot!!

The DC fandom has had quite the rollercoaster year, with many fan-favorite shows getting an untimely cancellation before fans were ready to say their goodbyes. When the creators behind CW‘s hit show, Stargirl, received a heads-up that a wave of cancellation was about to sweep through shows that make up The Arrowverse, they got proactive and prepared for the uncertainty by shooting two different endings for the ongoing third season. In the end, it proved to be a wise decision, as the creators were able to write a proper send-off for the beloved characters of the show.

In a recent appearance on the Wayne Ayers Podcast, Stargirl‘s star Brec Bassinger shared how showrunner Geoff Johns prepared for the uncertainty that loomed over their show by working extra hard to make a possible cancelation fare easier with fans. To achieve this, Bassinger reveals that Johns opted to shoot two endings for the ongoing third season. One was a cliffhanger ending that would have left plenty of room for the show to continue with further seasons, and the other was simply an ending that would tie up the show in an attempt to give exhaustive answers to every question that might arise on the story arc of fan-favorite characters. Here’s what Bassinger said:

Geoff was so smart because obviously there’s been a lot of changes in the CW and the Warner Brothers this past year, so the future of any show was not quite certain and because of that, he went the extra mile and shot two different endings, because he did not want to leave the fans with all these question marks.

Bassinger went on to tease that “there’s a lot of beautiful closure in the last episode.” The actress also touched on the original ending, describing it as a “wonderful” and “epic” idea and hopes that fans will get to see it in a DVD release. The actress, however, cautions that “it will make people sad because the fourth-season idea was insane. Like, it would have been epic. And I actually believe that’s why it took so long for us to officially get the cancellation news, because Geoff came in with such a wonderful idea…. But it wasn’t meant to be.”

The alternate ending, Bassinger revealed, was shot in mid-March and two months later in May, while she was aboard a flight and headed to a Stargirl event, she learned of the show’s cancellation. However, the news was not made official until October, two months after the Season 2 premiere. The curtain may be on its way down on the show, but there remains a possibility that the heroine will get to live beyond the show in a crossover that could see her appear on the DC series, Titans. Nothing is official just yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The season 3 episode finale will air on The CW on December 7. ​​


via Collider

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