‘Man of Steel 2’: Amy Adams Hasn’t Been Approached to Return as Lois Lane!!

There has been a sea of change that has, in recent times, washed over Warner Bros. Discovery and their DCU superhero properties. While the studio has been criticized for a number of decisions regarding various superheroes and their respective appearances on television like the cancellation of Batgirl, some other decisions have well and truly been met with great enthusiasm. Case in point being the announcement of Henry Cavill‘s return to playing Superman in the DCU. Now, one of the crucial players to the life of the Man of Steel speaks on whether she’d be returning to the DCU as well.

Those familiar with the DC comics, know that you cannot have Superman without Lois Lane. When Cavill first put on the cape in the franchise, Amy Adams was alongside him portraying Lois Lane and in light of Cavill’s return, many are wondering if the same might apply to Adams as well. Speaking to Variety at the premiere of Disenchanted, the actress revealed that while she has not heard much about returning to the role, she is excited that Cavill has taken up the cape again.

Adams adds that should Warner Brothers‘ plans for DC include a return for Lois Lane, she would be open to it, saying:

“Isn’t that exciting? I mean, I think I heard it from my husband, actually. I’m thrilled for him, he’s such a wonderful Superman, so I’m very excited for him. They haven’t spoken to me about it. If it’s me great, if it’s not… the role of Lois has been filled by so many wonderful actresses in the past, so I’ll support whatever direction they go.”

Given that the leadership structure in charge of DCEU properties has changed with James Gunn and Peter Safran replacing Walter Hamada as co-chairs of DC Studios, there is a chance that Adams could return as the pair seek to reintroduce Superman to the public. Given the role of Lois Lane as an anchor point and love interest for the Man of Steel, reworking her into the storyline should not be a farfetched idea, and given that she is still open to it seems pretty awesome as well.

Cavill’s return will mark five years since the actor put down the cape and moved on to other prospects. With the introduction of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, there is an arc that could see the two nigh indestructible characters face off. Cavill for one is excited about sitting down with Gunn and seeing what the future holds for his character. The actor also hopes that his return to the DCU will see him play a more hopeful version of the superhero.

While we wait to see what direction Gunn and Safran take the DCU, and what that might mean for Adams/Lane in the franchise.


via Collider

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