‘The Lazarus Project’ Sets January 23, 2023 as U.S. Premiere Date on TNT!!

The Lazarus Project is an anticipated new series heading to TNT, produced by Urban Myth Films in association with Sky Studios. Now, awaiting viewers have a release date for the action thriller series. Premiering on Monday, January 23, 2023, at 9:00pm ET/PT, audiences will get to get swept up in the world of The Lazarus Project. The series is set to “appeal to broad, thrill-seeking audiences,” which will certainly pair well with the rest of TNT‘s stacked line-up of programing.

The upcoming series will follow George (Paapa Essiedu) who gets recruited by the titular secret organization which is able to turn back time and stop mass extinction-level events. From the newly released trailer that came with the release date announcement, viewers see that George will lose his wife to a freak accident and will stop at nothing, including going rogue, to bring her back. With the captivating premise, it will be interesting to see if George is willing to threaten the safety of the whole world to save the love of his life.

Alongside Essiedu, the series also stars Anjli Mohindra, Tom Burke, Caroline Quentin, Rudi Dharmalingam, and Charly Clive. Executive Producers include Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, and Joe Barton. For Sky Studios, Paul Gilbert is their Executive Producer. And don’t worry, if you love the series when it premieres, Season 2 of The Lazarus Project is already currently in production.

Most recently TNT had a successful run with the series Snowpiercer, and it seems they continue to bring fans great television to keep us invested with new shows like The Lazarus Project. So get ready to explore the world of The Lazarus Project on TNT starting on Monday, January 23, 2023.

Checkout the trailer and official synopsis below:

“The Lazarus Project is a riveting eight-hour drama that follows George, the latest recruit to The Lazarus Project – a secret organization that has harnessed the ability to turn back time whenever the world is at the threat of extinction. George and his colleagues are the few people on Earth with the ability to remember the events that are undone when time goes back. But when a freak accident harms someone close to George, Lazarus won’t let him turn back time to undo it unless there is the threat of global extinction. Now George must choose to stay loyal or go rogue as he faces the question of: if you had the power to re-write your past, what would you sacrifice to do it? The Lazarus Project explores our desire to take charge of what is beyond our control and is a moving story of love and fate within a gripping action thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.”


via Collider

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