‘Wolf Pack’ Trailer Sees Sarah Michelle Gellar Leading a Supernatural Investigation!! Check It Out!!

A full moon is crawling across the horizon, and it’s certainly going to awaken a new supernatural creature or two in the new Paramount+ series Wolf Pack. Helmed by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, the werewolf show is set to chronicle the story of a group of teenagers who find their lives rapidly changed by a mysterious creature that is awoken during the raging Californian wildfires. With just weeks to go until the show’s release, the streaming giant has finally unveiled an official trailer for the fantasy drama.

The brand-new trailer sees a school bus halted as wildfires engulf an amber-cloaked forest. As the air becomes submerged in smoke, a pack of creatures desperately flee the scene before attacking the students. Things rapidly escalate as one student emerges from the fog covered in blood, rapidly attempting to warn his friend “there’s something out there” before he is cut off and pulled back into the smoke – nowhere to be seen. Almost immediately after, two terrified teens are caught staring alarmingly into the distance, presumably moments before they’re attacked by the mysterious creature. Things rapidly escalate from there as the teenagers are sent into a panic over their drastic transformations including fangs, glowing eyes, and killer claws.

This is all whilst arson investigator Kirsten Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) befriends Sheriff Garrett Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro) as they attempt to hunt down any of the teens on the school bus. Kirsten’s confidence that it’s definitely not a “seven-foot-tall monster” is wildly shaken when she and the sheriff stumble across blood-soaked tracks and eventually hear a roar so mighty that it can only belong to one creature. In the closing sequence, one of the teens is heard telling the sheriff that they’ve “never killed anything before” to which he mysteriously responds “you’ve never had a pack before.” Whilst the sheriff is certainly friendly with Kristen, it’s clear he knows more than he’s letting on but whether he’s a werewolf hunter or protector is not yet known.

Based on Edo van Belkom‘s book of the same title, Wolf Pack is set to perfectly marry up the reality of being both a teen with raging hormones and a werewolf with amplified senses. Of course, this is also the added element of the newbie wolves keeping their identities a secret whilst navigating their rapid metamorphosis. It’s impossible not to draw comparisons between Wolf Pack and Teen Wolf given that Davis successfully helmed the latter across six seasons – and is set to do so once more for the upcoming movie. However, it seems that Wolf Pack will pull on a different thread of werewolf folklore, opting for a notably darker and grittier approach to the topic. From the trailer alone, it’s clear Wolf Pack will walk its own path in the genre.

Alongside Gellar and Santoro, Wolf Pack is also set to star Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson and Tyler Lawrence Gray. Gellar‘s leading character comes in addition to her role as executive producer, alongside Davis. It looks like 2023 is set to be a launchpad for the resurgence of werewolf dramas. Wolf Pack roars onto screens on Paramount+ from January 26. You can watch the new trailer below and check out the brand-new poster:

via Collider


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