‘The Night Agent’ Teaser Teases the Upcoming Political Thriller Adaption!! Check It Out!!

The phone in the White House basement is finally ringing. Netflix unveiled the release date for their new political thriller The Night Agent with a teaser that tees up a season full of intrigue and action in equal measure. Hailing from Timeless showrunner Shawn Ryan with MiddKid Productions and starring Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan, the drama will premiere on the streamer on March 23.

The Night Agent adapts the work of Matthew Quirk which follows a low-ranking FBI agent named Peter (Basso) stuck with a dead-end office in the White House basement and a phone that never rings. When it finally does, however, it kicks him into a wide-ranging, rapidly progressing, and immensely dangerous conspiracy that goes all the way up to the Oval Office. He’s tasked with helping Rose (Buchanan) a young tech CEO on the run after revelations about her life and the assassinations of her aunt and uncle threaten her safety. Aside from protecting her, he must uncover exactly what is transpiring before the conspiracy rocks the nation.

The short teaser shows Peter getting that fateful call and springing into action. Around Capitol Hill, everyone is looking over their shoulder from the Chief of Staff to the agents simply doing their job. A voice teases that “this runs deeper than you realize and farther than you can imagine” as Peter and Rose find themselves in immense danger. Through car chases and back alley scrambles, the conspiracy appears to bleed into the open as they come closer to the truth. Images from the upcoming series also show that Peter will be frequently switching from the office to the field as he looks not only to unearth the conspiracy but to dismantle it altogether.

Who Else Appears in Netflix’s The Night Agent?

Basso and Buchanan won’t be alone in their investigation. The rest of the cast features Hong Chau as the President’s loyal chief of staff Dianne Farr, Sarah Desjardins as the Vice President’s teenage daughter Maddie Redfield, Fola Evans-Akingbola as the diligent head of Maddie’s security detail Chelsea Arrington, Eve Harlow as the unpredictable killer Ellen, Phoenix Raei as Ellen’s equally murderous lover Dale, Enrique Murciano as the measured, steady leader of the Secret Service Ben Almora, and DB Woodside as returning Secret Service agent Erik Monks who looks to win back the respect he once had.

In addition to creating the series, Ryan will also serve as showrunner and executive producer. Directors for the series include Seth Gordon, Guy Ferland, Ramaa Mosley, Adam Arkin, and Millicent Shelton. Gordon, who previously produced The Lost City and directed Four Christmases also executive produces with Marney Hochman through Middkid. The rest of the production team consists of Julia Gunn with Exhibit A, Jamie Vanderbilt, William Sherak, Paul Neinstein, and Nicole Tossou with Project X, and David Beaubaire with Sunset Lane Media.

It’s a good time for fans of Netflix political and spy thrillers. Their recent stab at the genre, The Recruit starring Noah Centineo, went over well enough to earn an order for Season 2. With their adaptation of Quirk‘s novel, the streamer looks to strike gold again with the duo of Basso and Buchanan.

The Night Agent releases on Netflix on March 23. Check out the teaser below:

via Collider

One response to “‘The Night Agent’ Teaser Teases the Upcoming Political Thriller Adaption!! Check It Out!!

  1. If you liked Bill Fairclough’s epic spy thriller Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series about a rookie accountant working for Pemberton’s People in MI6 and the CIA you may like The Recruit by Alexi Hawley about a rookie CIA lawyer (Noah Centineo) and vice versa. The plots are quite complicated in both productions but unlike The Recruit, The Burlington Files plots and characters are real, credible and much more intriguing. However, do remember Beyond Enkription is a fact based novel about a real spy called Bill Fairclough (MI6 codename JJ) aka Edward Burlington. He was one of Pemberton’s People in MI6 and worked with real SAS Rogue Heroes and other ungentlemanly officers as explained in a news article dated 31 October 2022 available from TheBurlingtonFiles website.


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