‘Temple’: New Clip Sees Mark Strong’s Surgeon Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reason!! Check It Out!!

Every new month, Topic rolls out a slate of foreign titles that debut in their platform. The series that the streamer selects always deal with complex themes which makes for compelling hours of entertainment. Today, Collider is excited to exclusively share a clip for Temple, a British series that centers around a skilled surgeon whose life and career take a drastic turn when his wife is diagnosed with a fatal and degenerative disease. Season 1 is set to begin streaming on Topic on March 2.

The series stars Mark Strong (1917) as the surgeon, who decides that he will do whatever it takes in order to provide the experimental treatment his wife needs. This includes starting an underground clinic (literally and figuratively), which brings its own set of problems that the clip makes clear. Opening up a clandestine clinic means making a deal with some shady figures who start to depend on him, and they come to ask for favors sooner rather than later.

In the clip, Daniel (Strong) receives a call from a criminal who just flat-out states he’ll take a gunshot victim to the clinic because he obviously can’t go to the hospital. Complicating matters is the fact that Daniel must come to the aid of the criminal if he wants to keep the clinic running. The clip also makes it clear that leading a double life has already taken its toll on Daniel’s life: He’s neglecting his daughter and losing track of time.

From Europe to… Europe: Who Stars in Temple?

Temple gets is name from the famous Temple subway station in London, which in the series serves as location for the underground tunnels where Daniel sets up his clinic. The show is based on a Norwegian series called Valkyrien, which originally premiered in 2017. In the original story, the clinic is set up in a bomb shelter, but the story is pretty much the same otherwise. The British version originally aired on Sky One in 2019.

Aside from Strong, the cast from Temple also features Carice Van Houten (Game of Thrones), Daniel Mays (Rogue One), Tobi King Bakare (I May Destroy You), and Catherine McCormack (Braveheart), and is directed by Luke Snellin (Let It Snow), Shariff Korver (The Intruder), Lisa Siwe (Glowing Stars).

Topic premieres Temple on March 2. You can watch the exclusive clip below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Based on the hit Norwegian series Valkyrien and executive produced by Liza Marshall (Taboo, Riviera), Temple is the story of Daniel Milton, a talented surgeon whose world is shattered when his wife develops a fatal degenerative disease. After conventional treatment options run out, Daniel partners with the lonely yet resourceful Lee to start a literal ‘underground’ clinic in the tunnels beneath Temple tube station in London. Daniel treats all those who cannot, or will not, seek more legitimate means of healthcare. He and Lee are soon joined by Anna, a guilt-ridden medical researcher, and Jamie, a young fugitive robber. Daniel does his best to juggle this dysfunctional team, but as he pushes his moral boundaries, it may actually be his own desperate actions that bring the whole thing crashing down.


via Collider

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