‘Silo’ Trailer Sees Rebecca Ferguson, David Oyelowo Investigate a Mystery Underground Facility!! Check It Out!!

Apple TV+ released a new trailer for Silo that highlights the dystopian sci-fi adaptation’s namesake. Formerly known as Wool, the series takes place in a toxic future where the world is no longer habitable by humans and the only hope for the remaining 10,000 living people is a massive Silo stretching a mile deep into the earth. Anyone who tries to decipher why the facility was created in the first place, however, winds up dead. As the teaser reveals, there are a lot of mysteries to the Silo and even more reasons to be concerned that not everything is above board.

The footage kicks off with David Oyelowo‘s Holston setting the scene for the mystery series. The people of the Silo know nothing of its creation – not when it was made, how long they’ve been inside, who built it, or why all life ceased to exist outside. All that’s known is that it’s safe from the outside world, even if the massive facility is crowded, people work to the bone to keep it running, and some in the community are filled with despair. There’s more than meets the eye, however. Bodies are treated with callousness and security is vigilant in finding any intruders in the facility’s offices. It doesn’t help that tension is rising among the inhabitants and there may be some form of testing going on under the surface. There’s a lingering fear that everything the inhabitants know is a lie.

Silo will mostly follow the engineer Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) as her search for answers regarding a loved one’s death only reveals a deeper rabbit hole. Her journey seems to lead her down secret passages within the facility and into restricted areas where her life is always on the line. The truth may lead to death in the Silo, but she’s determined to find out for herself what’s real.

Silo Features an Award-Worthy Cast and Creative Team

Alongside the Doctor Sleep star Ferguson and Critics Choice Award and NAACP winner Oyelowo, the Apple TV+ series features a lot of star power including Common, Emmy nominee Harriet Walter, Chinaza Uche, Avi Nash, Emmy nominee Rashida Jones, and Academy Award winner Tim Robbins among the cast. Emmy-nominated screenwriter Graham Yost created the series and serves as showrunner with Academy Award nominee Morten Tyldum directing the first three episodes.

Together, this team will finally get the adaptation of Hugh Howey‘s book series to screens everywhere. A film based on Howey‘s original work was in the works from Ridley Scott, but the Alien director’s adaptation never got off the ground, finally dying with the Disney and 20th Century Fox merge. Shameless‘s LaToya Morgan also tried her hand at it before Yost took over. Now, it looks like the 144-floor facility is finally coming to the surface in stunning fashion.

Silo premieres two episodes on Apple TV+ on May 5 with new episodes every Friday. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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