‘Dead Ringers’: New Clip Sees Twin Rachel Weisz Discussing Their Futures!! Check It Out!!

If you couldn’t get enough of Rachel Weisz after films such as The Mummy and The Whistleblower, you’re in luck, as the actress will play a pair of twins in the upcoming Prime Video series, Dead Ringers. The show will be based on David Cronenberg‘s 1988 film of the same name, which follows two siblings (Jeremy Irons) who are gynecologists. In the movie, one of the twins likes to be romantically involved with his patients, while the other is shy and introverted; when the two of them become interested on the same patient (Geneviève Bujold), all hell breaks loose as the woman feels manipulated by the two doctors.

In the new clip for series, Elliot and Beverly, the twins played by Weisz, are seen discussing at a diner. As a fun fact, the names of the characters weren’t changed for the TV adaptation, even if the twins themselves were gender-flipped. At the diner, the siblings talk about the future of their careers, and what they can do together. Beverly proposes opening up a specialized clinic, so the pair can assist in delivering babies under their own terms, while Elliot begins teasing her sister about the concept. As their conversation continues on, a clueless patron at the diner points out that the sisters share the same face.

Cronenberg will serve as an executive producer for the adaptation, after the controversial filmmaker directed the original film back in 1988. During its development, Robert De Niro rejected the roles of Elliot and Beverly after feeling uncomfortable with the movie’s premise and the fact that he would be playing gynecologists. Another actor that was in consideration for the role of the twins was the late William Hurt, until Irons was eventually cast in the psychological thriller. Dead Ringers won multiple prizes at the 1989 Genie Awards ceremony, including Best Picture, Best Director for Cronenberg and Best Actor for Irons.

Who Else Is Involved in Prime Video’s Dead Ringers?

When it comes to the actors you can expect to see alongside Weisz in the upcoming adaptation, the series has cast Michael Chernus, Poppy Liu and Britne Oldford as series regulars. On a different capacity, Jeremy Shamos, Jennifer Ehle and Emily Meade are attached to the project as recurring roles. Annapurna, the production company behind films such as Hustlers and Booksmart, was in charge of making the show in collaboration with Prime Video, setting the stage for the twins to live their disturbing story once again.

You can check out the clip from Dead Ringers below, before the series premieres on Prime Video on April 21:

via Collider

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