Zack Snyder Continues Tease With Another Cryptic DCEU Image!! Check It Out!!

DC fans are certainly confused, as Zack Snyder has shared yet another cryptic image hinting at something major happening during the final days of April. After yesterday’s unexplained video announcing a message from Lord Darkseid, it seems like the Man of Steel director doesn’t want anyone to take whatever he has to say lightly. There’s simply no telling what the teasers could be related to, with their most surprising feature being the fact that they are focusing on the director’s projects set within the DC Extended Universe. After all, Snyder launched the franchise back in the summer of 2013.

Snyder openly teasing something related to the DC Universe is strange because the director hasn’t been directly involved with the franchise in years. After a family tragedy prevented him from completing his work on 2017’s Justice League, the director stepped away from that world, leaving the door open for other filmmakers to take the reins. During the pandemic, Snyder worked together with HBO Max to release his own version of Justice League, while he confirmed once again that it didn’t mean he would be coming back to DC in a creative capacity.

Another mystery related to the new image is how it features Henry Cavill‘s Superman front and center. While it is true that Snyder created this version of the Man of Steel alongside the actor, ever since James Gunn and Peter Safran became co-presidents of DC Films, it became clear that the studio would take a different direction regarding their most popular character. Even though Cavill made an appearance during the post-credit scene of Black Adam, it was confirmed that his time starring as Superman was over and that the cape and thighs would now be worn by someone else.

What’s Next for Zack Snyder?

Even if the Batman v. Superman director has yet to confirm what all of his cryptic teasers are about, he does have an upcoming science-fiction project hitting the small screen soon. Snyder has been on working on Netflix‘s Rebel Moon for quite some time, with the film expected to debut on the platform by the end of the year. Set in a peaceful colony on a distant planet, a young woman (Sofia Boutella) will have to save the galaxy from Balisaurus (Ed Skrein), a ruthless tyrannical regent who threatens everything around him. If you ever wanted to get a taste of what a Star Wars adventure would look like under Snyder, this will be your chance.


via Collider

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