‘Dead Ringers’ Trailer Sees Twin Rachel Weisz Preparing for an Unusual Experiment!! Check It Out!!

There’s something strange about the Mantle sisters, and people are starting to realize it. Rachel Weisz stars as both Elliot and Beverly in a new trailer for Prime Video‘s upcoming drama series, Dead Ringers. The story follows a pair of identical twins who work as gynecologists. As some of the top stars of their field, the Mantle twins are in a league of their own, going beyond traditional medicine into more experimental grounds. The new trailer teases the possibility of Elliot and Beverly attempting to create life out of nothing, without the need of using biological parents for a child.

Sean Durkin, who directed The Nest a couple of years ago, sat behind the camera for the majority of the episodes in the upcoming series, which is actually an adaptation of a 1988 movie of the same name directed by David Cronenberg. In that iteration of the story, Jeremy Irons plays Elliot and Beverly, and things go off the rails when the gynecologists fall in love with the same woman. The huge difference between them is how Elliot doesn’t care about his patients, and he is constantly trying to be physically involved with them. On the other hand, Beverly is calm, collected and focused on his work.

While the characters in the new version of the story will keep the same names as their male counterparts, it is refreshing to see a new focus for the main conflict, instead of the siblings’ mutual interest in Geneviève Bujold‘s character. The artificial creation of life will give a new edge to the psychology behind the Mantle twins, leading them on a path that will test their moral limits and setting them up to prove what they are capable of doing when they think something is wrong. Will Elliot and Beverly be able to coexist this time around?

Weisz Has Come a Long Way Since Facing Imhotep

Rachel Weisz is ready to take on the two lead roles in Dead Ringers, which is certainly a very different project form the one that brought her into the Hollywood spotlight. In the 1999 classic, The Mummy, the actress played Evelyn Carnahan, a librarian with enough knowledge to be considered an independent Egyptologist. What she knows about Egyptian culture and the geography of the country itself is what made her the perfect candidate to locate many treasures hidden deep in the sand. Little did she know that a resurrected priest named Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) wouldn’t be happy with the idea of letting her and the rest of the crew escape.

You can check out the new trailer for Dead Ringers below, before the show premieres on Prime Video on April 21:


via Collider

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