‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ Gets a New Poster!! Check It Out!!

The stars of the Resident Evil franchise are showing out for Resident Evil: Death Island. A new Japanese poster shared on Twitter courtesy of Resident Evil Central shows the series’ iconic protagonists Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers gathered to fight whatever evils await them on the titular death island — Alcatraz. The poster also gave away a release date, revealing that the film is due out on July 7 in Japan.

Resident Evil: Death Island sees Leon and Chris leading their own separate missions that put them on a collision course at Alcatraz. Leon is in hot pursuit of a gang of kidnappers who’ve taken Dr. Antonio Taylor, but his mission is cut short when a mysterious woman gets in his way. Chris, meanwhile, is stuck handling an outbreak in San Francisco. With no indication of the cause of infection, his only lead is to head to the only connection between each victim – Alcatraz Island. As the previous teaser showed, there’s no shortage of horrors there from the typical zombies to underwater lickers and even a lake monster hearkening back to Resident Evil 4‘s infamous Del Lago. It seems that he’ll have the best men and women for the job at his side if the poster is any indication though.

All five of the franchise favorites are standing over the looming island in the poster, marking the first time all of them will share the screen together officially. In the context of the games, Jill and Leon have never joined forces despite being two of the most recognizable characters to come out of the Resident Evil canon. That fact alone is enough to create some excitement for longtime fans of the franchise eager to finally see the two meet within this universe.

Who Is Behind Resident Evil: Death Island?

Eiichirō Hasumi, best known for Assassination Classroom, is at the helm for Resident Evil: Death Island with Berserk‘s Makoto Fukami producing. This will mark the franchise’s fourth foray into the animated feature space following Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta all of which follow the same timeline as the games to varying degrees of success. The new film could ride the high that the franchise is on right now with the much-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake receiving glowing reviews. Outside the games, however, Resident Evil has really struggled to find its footing on screen lately with the much-maligned Netflix show lasting only one season and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City falling short of expectations.

Resident Evil: Death Island looks to buck the trend and become a fan-favorite when it releases in Japan on July 7. There’s currently no international release date set for the film. Check out the new poster below.


via Collider

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