‘Star Wars: Visions’ Volume 2 Trailer Teases New Dazzling Stories!! Check It Out!!

To kick off the last day of Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm revealed the first trailer for the second volume of Star Wars: Visions, the critically acclaimed anthology series that brings the voices and visions of animation studios from around the world to a galaxy far, far away. The first volume was praised for the way it brought captivating new animation styles and storytelling perspectives to the Star Wars mythos and, if the new trailer is any indication, the next set of shorts is bound to deliver new fan-favorite stories too.

The shorts included in Volume 2 are: “Sith” from El Guiri (Spain), “Screecher’s Reach” from Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), “In the Stars” from Punkrobot (Chile), “I Am Your Mother” from Aardman (United Kingdom), “Journey to the Dark Head” from Studio Mir (South Korea), “The Spy Dancer” from Studio La Cachette (France), “The Bandits of Golak” from 88 Pictures (India), “The Pit” from D’art Shtajio (Japan) and Lucasfilm Ltd., and “Aau’s Song” from Triggerfish (South Africa). The trailer showcased each of the shorts, delivering jaw-dropping visuals featuring stories from the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force, in a wide variety of animation styles like 2D, 3D, and stop-motion. Most notably, fans of Cartoon Saloon and Aardman will recognize the stylings of Wolfwalkers and Wallace and Gromit in the trailer with the shorts delivered by those animation studios.

Following the reveal of the trailer, panel host Amy Ratcliffe was joined by animators from each studio who came out on stage to discuss their shorts. With each panelist, it was clear that their shorts were influenced by their own country’s history, with colonization, war, sports, politics, and more being drawn upon as the basis for their stories.

During the panel, they also revealed the voice cast for each short including, “Sith” which will feature the talented voice work of Úrsula Corberó and Luis Tosar; “I Am Your Mother” which will feature Bebe Cave, Charithra Chandran, Denis Lawson, and Maxine Peak; “Screecher’s Reach” which will feature Alex Connolly, Angelica Huston, Eva Whittaker, Molly McCann, Niamh Moyles, and Noah Rafferty; “The Bandits of Golak” will feature Lillete Dubey, Neeraj Kabi, Rajeev Raj, Sonal Kushal, and Sumanto Ray; “Aau’s Song” will feature Cynthia Erivo, Dineo Du Toti, Faith Baloyi, Milo Jantjie, and Tumisho Masha; “The Pit” will feature Anika Noni Rose, Cedric Yarbrough, David Diggs, Jordyn Curet, and Steve Blum; “In the Stars” will feature Amparo Noguera, Julia Oviedo, Kate Kickie, and Valentina Muhr; “The Spy Dancer” will feature Barber Weber, Bruce Edward Sheffield, Camille Cottin, Kaycie Chase, Lumbert Wilson, and Rudi James Jephcott; and “Journey to the Dark Head” will feature the English cast of Albert Kong, Ashley Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Eugene Lee Yang, Greg Chin, Jonella Landry, and Judy Alice Lee, and the Korean Cast will feature Choi Soo Min, Chwang Kwang, Jang Ye Na, Lee Kyung Taei, Lee So Young, Lim Chae Hon, Shim Young Woo, and Yun Yong Sik.

The Force Is Strong With the Future of Star Wars

Star Wars Celebration has delivered a lot of thrills this weekend, including confirmation that the animated Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi will return for a second season, the thrilling reveal that three new movies are on the horizon—including a Rey-centric story continuing on the Skywalker Saga, some really exciting Skeleton Crew director reveals, and so many exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of The Mandalorian, Andor, and Ahsoka.

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 will stream exclusively on Disney+ beginning May 4, 2023. Check out the trailer below:

via Collider

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