‘Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus’: New Prequel Novel to Focus on Eddie Munson!!

You won’t have to wait until the final season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix to go back to Hawkins, as Entertainment Weekly has exclusively revealed the cover art for an upcoming novel that fans of the popular series will love. Written by Caitlin Schneiderhan, Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus will follow Eddie Munson’s (Joseph Quinn) story two years before the events of the fourth season of the show, where the character was introduced to audiences when he met the main cast of the project created by the Duffer Brothers. Without the help from any of his new friends, Eddie was a completely different person.

Some time before he became Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) best friend, Munson was going through senior year of high school for the first time, alternating his time between playing Dungeons and Dragons with the Hellfire Club and playing at small venues with his band, Corroded Coffin. While hanging out at an unpleasant bar, Eddie meets Paige, who claims to be a successful producer from Los Angeles. The woman promises Eddie an opportunity for his band to blow up, ensuring they would leave Hawkins once and for all. All he has to do is give her a demo tape with the Coffin’s music, but he doesn’t have the money to rent a recording studio.

The book will make a good job of sharing things about Eddie with the audience that couldn’t be explored in his appearance during the fourth season of Stranger Things. After all, having to share the spotlight with well-known characters like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) would certainly complicate any deep dive into a new character’s life. Flight of the Icarus might also offer some wider connections to the universe based around the series, which will continue to expand with an upcoming animated project set to function as a Saturday morning cartoon.

Stranger Things is Coming to an End

Ever since Stranger Things first hit the Netflix catalog in 2016, it was clear that the platform had something very special in their hands. With a vibrant nostalgia for the 80s, a young cast full of promising performers and the brilliance of Winona Ryder‘s comeback, the show took the world by storm, planting the seeds of a franchise that would continue to grow to this day. But all things must come to an end, and the upcoming fifth season, aiming to start rolling cameras over the course of this summer, will close out the story of Eleven and her friends. It remains to be seen who will come out alive from the group’s final showdown with Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower).


via Collider

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