‘Die Hart’ Renewed for Season 3!!

The numbers are in and audiences are eating up comedian Kevin Hart’s series, Die Hart, launching it into a third-season renewal. Today, Roku announced their plans to move forward with another installment of Hart’s comedy-action series following the success of its second season, Die Hart 2: Die Harter. While some may have worried about engagement due to the title’s weekend premiere, Die Harter crushed ratings, landing itself bragging rights as Roku Original TV’s #1-weekend premiere, blowing the first season’s debut viewership numbers out of the water.

First picked up by The Roku Channel in May 2021, Die Hart follows the genre-hopping hijinks of Hart as he attempts to establish himself as a no-nonsense action actor. The second season sees The Upside star kicking things into high gear to ensure that he’ll go down in history alongside the greatest names in action. Taking things into his own hands, Hart dreams up an idea that will unleash adrenaline-pumping scenes like audiences have never seen before. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when a mysterious person from his past reveals that they have a bone to pick with the bonafide action hero, putting him on a very unexpected journey.

Packed to the brim with star power, the second season of Die Hart saw the leading man join forces with Nathalie Emmanuel as his assistant Jordan King and John Cena as his mentor and iconic Hollywood stuntman Mr. 206, with an ensemble including Ben Schwartz and Paula Pell. As of right now, no casting announcements have been made for the third season, nor has an official title been revealed, but Hart has signed on to reprise his role.

Are There Other Die Hart Productions Out There?

Yes! Earlier this year, Prime Video nabbed the rights to create a feature-length telling of Hart’s quest to become the world’s most notorious action star. Following the same plotline as the series, the film version sees Hart taking all the help he can get to successfully jump genres. Emmanuel also appears in the film with other big names including John Travolta, Josh Hartnett, and Jean Reno filling out the cast.

As of right now, no further production information has been released surrounding when fans can expect a third season of Die Hart. However, Hart released a statement along with the good news referring to the series as “one of my favorite projects,” adding that he was “so excited to get back to set to shoot season three.” With his intense passion for the project, we’re excited to see where the Me Time star and the rest of the team take us in the third season of Die Hart.


via Collider

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