‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2: First Teaser Sees the Crew Ready for Their Next Adventure!! Check It Out!!

Paramount+ has finally released the first teaser trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and it looks like the crew of the USS Enterprise are ready for their next great adventure. Strange New Worlds is a prequel to the original Star Trek series, following Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) and his crew of both established Trek characters and new faces as they boldly go where no one has gone before.

In the new footage, released today, we’re treated to a new voiceover from Number One, Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn) highlighting the unity of Starfleet’s beloved found families going on their own journeys together, which is echoed by Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) saying she never feels alone on the Enterprise. Set to a stunningly cinematic version of “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service, we get just a taste of the wonder ahead in Season 2. It looks like Una is reinstated in Starfleet fairly quickly, following her arrest in the Season 1 finale. Though the new footage doesn’t give any indication as to how Pike gets her back on the ship we can assume that one of his rallying, awe-inspiring speeches may come into play. We also get a closer look at Carol Kane, who’ll be playing Pelia, the new Chief Engineer filling the gap left by the loss of Bruce Horack‘s Hemmer.

Strange New Worlds brings back Star Trek’s episodic format that dominated the franchise’s offerings of the 90s and early 2000s. In the new teaser trailer, we also get a lot of humor, with Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia) shooting a hole through an asteroid in order to fly the ship through it, Spock (Ethan Peck) not having a cool Captain’s chair catchphrase, and Kirk (Paul Wesley) not understanding how revolving doors work. We also get a hint of a possible romance between Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush) and Doctor M’Benga (Babs Olusanmokun) as well as the lingering tension between Chapel and Spock, and some heated looks between Kirk and La’an (Christina Chong).

What to Expect From Season 2 of Strange New Worlds

While little has been revealed about each episode’s specific plot or the overall arc of Season 2, there are a lot of exciting teases to look forward to when the show returns this summer. The new footage shows Spock drinking with Klingons, breathtaking alien worlds, and an abundance of emotional character moments. We can also look forward to the highly anticipated crossover with Star Trek‘s adult animated series Lower Decks, with Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid making guest appearances as Ensigns Becket t Mariner and Brad Boimler. The episode will feature a mix of live-action and animation and will be directed by none other than Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes.

Strange New Worlds returns on June 15 and it has already been renewed for Season 3. While we wait for the show’s return you can catch up on the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard right now on Paramount+. Check out the first Strange New Worlds teaser trailer down below.

via Collider

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