‘What Happens at Night’: Martin Scorsese to Produce Adaptation!!

Martin Scorsese is not one to slow down when it comes to movie-making. The cinema icon has been in the business for several decades and has directed a plethora of legendary films, with the likes of Taxi Driver, GoodFellas, and Raging Bull being just a tiny sample size of the incredible work Scorsese has had to offer. However, beyond directing, Scorsese will also lend his talented creative mind to producing, and he’s just boarded a new project in that capacity. According to Deadline, Scorsese is attached as producer to Studiocanal‘s feature film adaptation of the Peter Cameron novel, What Happens at Night.

The adapted screenplay for What Happens at Night will be getting Oscar-nominated treatment in the form of Patrick Marber. Marber received his Academy Award nomination for writing the adapted screenplay for Notes on a Scandal, an emotionally charged psychological thriller starring Cate Blanchett and Dame Judi Dench. Notes on a Scandal makes Marber the perfect candidate to write the feature adaptation of Cameron‘s What Happens at Night novel. The story follows a married American couple who travel to a snowy European town in order to adopt a child, in a bid to resurrect their faltering relationship. The couple takes up residence in an eerie, and largely deserted grand hotel. The wife is struggling with cancer, which is harshly affected by the couple’s long journey to claim their child, a task that is both helped and hindered by the characters they encounter; including a flamboyant chanteuse, a depraved businessman, and a charismatic faith healer. The premise for What Happens at Night is brimmed with mystery and intrigue and whichever directed inherits this project will have steady hands to help guide them in the form of writer Marber and producer Scorsese.

The novel What Happens at Night is a popular and well-received piece of literature, having been a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize for Fiction. For Scorsese, the adaptation is one of over a dozen projects to which he is attached in a producing capacity, executive or otherwise. These include his next directorial feature, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Bradley Cooper‘s next feature film Maestro‚ a biopic of the American conductor Leonard Bernstein. Scorsese already has over 80 producing credits to his name, the majority coming in an executive capacity, and it is this experience, coupled with his prolific directing talent, that has Cameron excited to have both Scorsese and Marber on board for the adaption of What Happens at Night. Cameron told Deadline; “to have Martin Scorsese and Patrick Marber, two artists whose talents amaze me, reimagining and recreating What Happens at Night is simply as good as it gets.”

When Is Scorsese’s Next Directing Project Coming to Cinemas?

Scorsese‘s directing pace may not be able to keep up with his prolific producing, but his long-awaited Killers of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCaprio will premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival before a limited theatrical release on October 6. The film will then enter wide release on October 20, before heading to its streaming home of Apple TV+ at an unspecified date.


via Collider

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