‘Iron Lung’: Markiplier Sets Horror Video Game Adaption as Feature Film Directorial Debut!!

After years of entertaining the world from YouTube, Markiplier is set to transition to the big screen, as he is set to direct and star in his first feature film. According to Deadline, the project will be an adaptation of the horror video game Iron Lung, a story where the main character can only move around inside a small submarine, creating a frightening atmosphere that could become any claustrophobic person’s nightmare. The entrepreneur is self-financing the film, which is currently filming in Texas. While a release date hasn’t currently been revealed, the movie won’t take long to make in an impact on the big screen.

In the world of the video game that was released last year, a catastrophic event wipes out the life of all the known universe, with the only people surviving the incident being the ones inside starships and vessels. Scientists determine that natural resources can only be found within an ocean of blood that has emerged in a desolate moon, but they need a way of confirming their theory. That’s where the main character of the story comes in. As a convict, the people in charge offer him a chance to get his freedom back if he is successful in his mission. But, due to the state of his world, the protagonist would rather die in the ocean instead of living in a terrible future. Caroline Rose Kaplan is currently attached to star in an undisclosed role.

While it sounds like a very complicated story for a video game that only takes place in one location with limited movement, recent adaptations have proven that if the themes of a story are understood by the team behind it, anything can become a smash hit. Added to that, The Last of Us becoming the first television event of the year while The Super Mario Bros. Movie currently sits at the top of the box office charts is all Hollywood needs to know to feel more confident about developing films and shows based on video games. Throwing Markiplier‘s talent into the mix is also an advantage for the project, given how the content creator has experimented with visual storytelling before.

Horror Video Games Are Ready to Spook the Big Screen

Throughout thousands on videos on his YouTube channel, Markiplier has dedicated most of his life to creating content set to entertain a continuously loyal fan base. One of his most popular video series began when he played the 2014 video game Five Nights at Freddy’s. The horror title has been adapted as a movie starring Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson, set to hit theaters and Peacock later this year. It is currently unknown if Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, will make an appearance in the project. But if he did, it wouldn’t come as a surprise, given how the series has generated hundreds of millions of views for his channel.


via Collider

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