‘Fast X’: New Featurette Focuses on Jason Momoa’s Dapper Villain!! Check It Out!!

Fast X is going to introduce the most visceral and stylish villain, yet! The upcoming movie will see Dom facing off an equal, to save his family and the world. As the beginning of the end of the road begins for the Fast franchise and family the stakes are at par and everything is on the line. By the looks of the trailers and other media, Dante looks like a maniac who’ll go to any lengths to destroy everything the crew has worked for. In a new featurette, the cast and director give us a glimpse into the dapper villain.

“With each film, with each chapter, we get to introduce another incredible talent. Jason Momoa, you all know him but you’ll never ever forget Dante Reyes,” says Vin Diesel. The trailer reveals that Dane is the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes, who’s seeking revenge against Dom and his crew for his father’s death during the events of Fast Five. “I love motorcycles, I freakin love cars, and I’m like why I don’t wanna be part of a car chase movie and be in Rome and ride motorcycles,” Momoa said of taking up the role.

He further elaborated, “I haven’t played a villain in probably around 10 years, I really wanted to bring something that hadn’t been done yet.” Adding, “Face off against Dom and his family, he’s been done off his mind. You have to be a certain psychotic.” Dante feels, visceral almost like a predator who’ll chase its prey till the very end. Director Louis Leterrier explains,

Dom this time is worried for his family and worried for the world. He’s met his match, his enemy is fluid. He’s a snake, we don’t know where he’s going. Dante is obsessed with Dom, he’s learned from Dom. He knows everything about Dom. It’s strange to have an enemy who adores you.

Dante is the Best Dressed Villain

Momoa wanted his character to be like a “peacock,” which reflects in his colorful attire and carefree mannerism. He seems unpredictable and extreme which makes the character more dangerous. Charliez Theron recounts, “He’s so confident. I mean, he just came in with this lace detailed [suit], an open shirt that was flowing, and the hair and the body. I was just so in awe, staring at him and then I catch myself, ‘Oh my god, I’m in this scene. I have to act right now.’” As Leterrier puts it “The difference between Dante and Jason is just the cruelty, but the rest is the same. The nail polish is the same. And that’s Jason Momoa.”

Fast X hits the theaters on May 19. You can check out the new featurette below:

via Collider

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