Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones (2014) Short Review!!

Simple, if you are looking for a horror film & not a fan of the franchise, kindly avoid this film! Frankly I am one! With the exception of Paranormal Activity 4 I have been enjoying this franchise since the 1st brought back the found footage revolution. The Marked Ones is a more of a parallel story which very smartly connects itself to the franchise (no spoilers!). Like the remaining films, it takes time to introduce the characters & then the noises begin. But on a positive note, the plot (even though at times reminded of Chronicle) takes a different turn from the one we have been seeing before especially thanks to exceptional acting from the young cast. Whereas, on the negative side, with the exception of a few sequences & the brilliant “oh shit what the hell” climax, the film is low on the horror quotient which made the franchise successful. Therefore, as a Paranormal Activity fan I enjoyed it, but as a horror genre..a little disappointed.


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