Tarzan (2014) Short Review!!

This new version is a messy animated film, it seems the director wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to make a movie for kids or for grown-ups; & he tries to fit in almost all elements of the legend into about 80 minutes leading to major plot & character developments. Unlike, the Disney version (which was awesome!) there are no talking animals, here are people dying (offscreen, of course), and the mood is generally more somber & quite dull all leading up to a horrible climax. The SciFi-elements were not really necessary, and the evil corporation, yes, that’s quite cliche! Most importantly, this film seems heavily inspired by Avatar (Like,why?) Kellan Lutz as Tarzan is something I could live with, but the over bearing awkward narration which pops up from time to time is really disturbing! Nevertheless, the film does have great animation! My Two stars go just for that. This is not essential viewing, only when you have restless kids and nothing else to do. But afterwards, you will probably still remember the Disney version more.


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