Left Behind (2014) Review!!

left behindSynopsis – A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.

My Take – I have been among the few people who have constantly supporting Nic Cage even though he has been constantly churning out one mediocre film after another for the past couple of years, apparently due to a signing spree he went on to recover from his tax evasion debts. Here, with this particular film I think he has a hit a new low, even by my standards (that’s pretty low).

Left-Behind-Cassi-ThomsonThe premise seemed interesting on paper, as half the population of the world just disappear, especially all the children but out of now where the film turned into a hybrid of a Christian movie & B grade action flick! Worst of all is the message its trying to send. Isn’t it curious that the movie tried so hard to portray all of those that were left as bad messed up people? So is that supposed to mean that those who don’t believe in the Christian God are all either cheaters, flirts, gamblers, thieves, drug addicts and just generally messed up? Because that’s what I saw. Don’t think I wouldn’t catch that. I get that its a Christian movie but its still a pretty offensive way of showing off your faith. However, even as a Christian film, I felt this film did not do its job well at all. Oddly, it made Christians appear unnaturally nutty or weird. Worst of all, its evangelical message was lost in the confusion and the cheese.

left-behind-nicolas-cage-620x400Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage once again majorly disappoints with his hammy and florid performance in this film as Ray here. He had a moment in the end where some genuine emotion came through, but it felt too late and too brief. Cassi Thompson did her best to carry the film on the ground as Chloe, but her efforts were negated by the lines she was made to say and the stunts she was made to do. On the whole, Left Behind is absurd confused flick which took off with a happy face, & even though they ended up landing safely, as a Nic Cage fan, my hope in his movies have finally crashed! One of the worst films ever!!


PS: The one star is for the cool scene when all the people just disappear and their clothes are perfectly placed in the seats of the airplane. Kinda creepy!

Director – Vic Armstrong

Starring – Nicolas Cage, Lea Thompson, Cassi Thomson

Rated – PG 13

Run Time – 110 minutes

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