Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene (2015) Review!!

Sharafat-Gayi-Tel-Lene-2015-Watch-onlineSynopsis – A simpleton architect & his lazy room mate unwillingly become couriers for an underworld don.

My Take –This film is actually better than I had expected. Instead of relying on the unfortunately no hold lead actors, it actually focuses on a strong, at times hilarious & an interesting plot. The story follows Prithvi Khurana (Zayed Khan) is an architect and also a quintessential good guy. He shares the room with his badass roommate Sam (Rannvijay Singh), who is looking for short cuts to make money. Prithvi has a girlfriend Megha (Tena Desai) and he is trying hard to make ends meet. One fine day, Prithvi is shocked to realize that his bank account has been credited with Rs 100 crores. But before he can go meet the bank manager (Anupam Kher), the bank manager comes calling. It’s all very bewildering for both Prithvi and Sam who is let in on the facts and figures immediately. Then comes the call from the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Who issues instructions, Hence tying up Prithvi & Sam in the role of couriers.

wall_1024x768_01Prithvi is scared to say no, scared to go to the cops, scared to tell Megha. But Megha figures something is wrong. Caught in the bewildering cycle of phone calls, deliveries, one Goth diva, irritated Megha, the creepy bank manager, Prithvi doesn’t know what’s going one till somethings goes wrong. A fairly smart script, cast that’s easy on the eye and it wouldn’t have been so tough to bring out a decent film. But unfortunately, director Gurmmeet Singh falters and what we get is a film that is sometimes perky, but mostly slapstick. Director Gurmmeet Singh had earlier courted quirkiness in last year’s ‘What The Fish’ where the concept of Dimple Kapadia’s well-appointed residence being taken over by various eccentric characters generated some humor. In ‘Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene’ the voice of Dawood (yes, the voice plays a pivotal part) plays the same part as the residence in ‘What The Fish’. The first half of the film seems refreshing but the story gets loose towards the second half.

185468Though the film’s plot is intriguing and keeps us interested, its resolution is weak and the direction is disappointing. Performances – Zayed Khan returns to silver screen after a long time and does not disappoint with his acting skills. As the nerdy Delhi guy he keeps the performance bridled and likeable. He deserves better. Rannvijay as the Insignificant Other is delightful! Its uncomfortable at first to see him as a loud character, but eventually the character grows on you. Tine Desai does an average job. On the whole ‘Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene’ takes on the theme of greed and covetousness and turns it into a pleasant satire. A saucy comedy about a commoner’s brush with the “D” gang, this is an original smile-inducing romp into the realm of comedy where errors define the mood. If you are looking for a mix of action, romance and humor in small dozes, then this film is a perfect average time pass for you.


Director – Gurmmeet Singh

Starring – Zayed Khan, Rannvijay Singh, Tina Desai

Rated – NR

Run Time – 108 minutes

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