Classic Cartoon Network show ‘Jonny Quest’ to finally get a live action film from Robert Rodriguez!!

jonnyquestCalling all Jonny Quest fans…

It looks like the classic animated series from the 1960s is the latest fan-favorite to venture into the world of live-action films.

Warner Bros. is taking on the project with Robert Rodriguez (of Spy Kids, Sin City and Machete fame) signing on to direct the movie, according to Deadline. He and Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Terry Rossio will both write the screenplay.

This isn’t the first time a studio attempted to make a Jonny Quest live-action film. In fact, fans have been anticipating this since 1995, and it almost happened back in 2009 when Zac Efron was said to be circling the lead role, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was rumored to be playing Race Bannon.

Alas, it didn’t happen. So far, no stars have been linked to the latest live-action attempt.

Jonny Quest made his debut in 1964 on his eponymous ABC animated series. Although the show only lasted one season, it proved to be popular enough with viewers in syndication that Hanna-Barbera decided to continue the Jonny’s journey in the ’80s with The New Adventures of Jonny Quest.

He was then revived yet again in the mid-’90s for The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The characters have also inspired comic books and computer games.

The lead character of the franchise is adventurous 11-year-old Jonny, who tags along with his genius scientist dad on exciting expeditions around the world. The father-son duo are also joined by bodyguard Race Bannon and Jonny’s orphan BFF Hadji Singh.

Let’s hope this film actually makes it to theaters!

Via E! Online

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