Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) Review!!

jlgmSynopsis – In an alternate universe, very different versions of DC’s Trinity fight against the government after they are framed for an embassy bombing.

My Take – Bruce Timm is one of the man behind the success of Batman! He produced Batman the Animated series & Justice League along with giving us original characters such Harley Quinn & Batman Beyond (Batman of the future). This time he has out done himself, by giving us a version of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman we have never seen before! Imagine a JL with no rules such as no killing policy! That’s what Bruce Timm and director Sam Liu have done here! A twisted take on the world’s most popular super hero team. Instead of Kal El we get the son of Zod raised by Mexican immigrant workers. Instead of Bruce Wayne we get Kirk Langstrom (aka Man-Bat) as a genetically modified vampire desperate for a cure.

jl-gods-monsters-3-jpgInstead of Princess Diana Prince of Amazon for Wonder Woman we get Bekka, daughter of Himon and queen of Apocalypse. This is no way a kids movie (due to the swear words, sexual references & violence)! Above all this animated original is epic on all proportions!! We get three twisted origin stories – Langstrom’s Batman still leaves him alone and dark. Superman’s origin leaves him distrusting a system that failed him, raised by migrant workers in the poorest of situations. Wonder Woman’s story flips everything you know about The New Gods and Apocalypse. These are heroes forged by death, tragedy and hardship which explains their hard edge and brutal methods. It just works. The action and animation is wonderful and Bruce Timm’s signature style is beautiful as always. This version of Superman has a perfect balance in his head, but at times may be a bit too close, brutal dictator like Injustice Superman, yet more hardcore than our average man of steel. Throughout the movie you question whether he will be a good guy or bad guy, and there is a theme of nature vs nurture. Even though Bruce Wayne is not Batman here, he is still the driving force behind this film.

jlgm-group06jpg-806cceThere was no reference to his parents or anything of the like. But he is so awesome. His relationship with superman made me really happy. It really solidified the “brothers” aspect! This Wonder Woman is way more vicious, than the original! She is smart, sexy & sophisticated while still being a brute. The whole world seems to have a mistrust for The Justice League and it’s understandable. When you send these three into a situation a lot of people tend to die. But it isn’t until some one starts to frame the Justice League that the real seed of mistrust gets placed and even President Amanda Waller (who fans will know) starts to doubt them. There were so many references and nods to the main universe that made me smile and laugh. For example Ryan Choi was in there as a minor character, and though he had an extremely small part, it was cool to see him. The movie may focus on the trinity, but it gave you an idea of where our original league members are. For example, we meet Lex Luthor, Cyborg, the Atom, etc. Voice actors Michael C Hall, Benjamin Bratt & Tamara Taylor have done an excellent job! Pushing the boundaries of violence in a PG-13 cartoon isn’t enough to make it good and boy is there a lot of violence. There’s a scene involving the murder of dozens of scientists that has people being ripped in half, arms flying off, heads being run through with swords. It’s grotesque in a Disney sort of way. It’s the story telling that makes this movie work. On the whole, ‘Justice League: Gods & Monsters’ is a must watch for every DC fan! Bruce timm is a genius to twist with our favorite classic heroes & make them likeable. Must Watch!!


Director – Sam Liu

Starring – Paget Brewster, Michael C. Hall, Jason Isaacs

Rated – PG13

Run Time – 75 minutes

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