Channing Tatum Joins the Cast of ‘Kingsman’ Sequel!!


The cast for Kingsman: The Golden Circle continues to get more and more impressive. Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn returns to direct the Kingsman sequel, which we know is bringing the story across the pond to America to explore the U.S. version of the Kingsman, called The Statesman, headed up by a character played by Halle Berry. As if Berry’s casting and Taron Egerton’s return weren’t enough, Julianne Moore is set as the film’s villain there is a strong indication that Colin Firth may be reprising his role as Harry Hart (though we don’t know how, exactly, since his character was shot in the head in Kingsman), and yesterday none other than Elton John entered negotiations to join the cast. Now, Vaughn has added even more serious starpower in the form of Channing Tatum.

The casting news came not in the form of a trade report or “in talks” nugget, but instead from Tatum himself, who shared the news on twitter.

So it would appear that Tatum may be playing a Statesman, and one with a bit of Southern charm. The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider adds that Vaughn and Co. had originally wanted Jared Leto for the role, but Leto is a tricky actor to pin down and Tatum’s charm is undeniable, so I’d say he makes for a swell addition to this ensemble.

Tatum was originally supposed to be playing a Southern character of a different sort right now with the X-Men spinoff Gambit, but production on that film has been delayed to at least the end of this year while work continues on the script. In the meantime, Tatum is keeping himself busy with this Kingsman sequel, and there’s also the crossover movie MiB 23 on the horizon, in which he’ll reprise his Jump Street role opposite Jonah Hill with The Muppets filmmaker James Bobin taking the helm.

Penned by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, Kingsman: The Golden Circle also stars Mark Strong and Pedro Pascal and is poised to start filming soon in anticipation of a likely 2017 release date.

via Collider

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