New ‘Flash’ Trailers for “Paradox” Tease Big Changes and Flashpoint Fallout!! Check Them Out!!


So now that we’ve all seen “Flashpoint” (and if you haven’t, well, what have you been doing?) let’s talk about where The Flash might be headed this season. Though I liked the Season 3 premiere, I was very disappointed that it gave us so little time in the alternate timeline. Despite Grant Gustin doing everything he could to bring us up to speed (pun intended-ish) with the stakes of that world while trying to not give us emotional whiplash, it was hard to feel like it was more than a gimmick. Within one hour, we had a separate timeline set up, the smallest sense of the differences in it, and then Barry decides, nah, I guess my parents will have to die after all. That felt like a bigger decision that the show gave him time to make.

Still, we were promised that the repercussion of Flashpoint would be felt throughout the season, and two new promos are promising this in spades. Though The Flash does burn through plot pretty quickly, one of the things inherent to Barry Allen’s story that keeps the show fresh is that there are so many possibilities with multiple Earths, timelines, and dimensions. Seeing so many different versions of characters that we love is a really fascinating way to experience a TV show, especially one that sticks to one narrative (as opposed to anthology seasons with the same cast). It’s also one of the things that makes the show so fun.

Check out the new promos below:

Let’s discuss a few things about this. First of all, is that a tease for Killer Frost in Earth-Prime? (Or that Caitlin will get powers, though maybe she’ll use them for good this time!) Is Cisco in rehab? Is Jesse Wells going to finally become Jesse Quick? I also love the rebirth of Harrison Wells every season, and “fun” Wells is going to be a treat. But seriously, after all of this (and how many people dying? Let’s not forget about Eddie and Ronnie!) Barry is still mostly concerned with kissing Iris, and will erase history and change time until they can do it again, damnit!

It’s that kind of oh-so-human lunacy that grounds The Flash, ultimately, and makes it relatable. But it looks like Earth-3 Jay Garrick might also be popping in to give Barry some advice about maybe trying to live with his problems instead of changing the fabric of space and time to get a desired outcome. As he can now see, there are major consequences that are going to bleed over into the rest of the Arrowverse as well.

via Collider

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