‘The Punisher’ Set Photos Reveal Frank Castle’s Iconic Look!!! Check It Out!!

Though The Defenders is certainly a highly-anticipated entry into Marvel’s cadre of Netflix series, The Punisher may be even more so. Once Jon Bernthal appeared as the iconic comic character on Daredevil Season 2, fans began clamoring for him to get his own spinoff series. Ask and occasionally ye shall receive, it seems, as Netflix immediately put in an order for some Frank Castle-focused episodes. Though some fans worry that The Punisher on his own — without the mitigating factors of a character like Daredevil — might be too dark, it looks like there may be some crossover with Daredevil‘s world, something that the other Netflix series have, to date, refused to do. (I will truly never understand how Claire Temple didn’t give Matt Murdock a heads-up text about The Hand in Iron Fist after all they went through together …)

A few new photos from the set of The Punisher are giving us a glimpse of what Frank Castle might look like in costume, with his iconic skull motif on display as a bullet-proof vest. The photos also show that he seems to have taken some pretty hard beatings — such is the life of vengeance! Check them out below:

We still don’t know almost anything about the new series, including a premiere date. Though it if follows the pattern of the last few years (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones), then it should land sometime in the fall.


via Collider

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