‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish to Helm Family Adventure Film!!!

Directorial debuts don’t get much better than Joe Cornish‘s 2011 sci-fi adventure flick, Attack the Block, an energetic horror comedy that effortlessly blended B-movie thrills and contemporary social satire and announced Cornish as a filmmaker to watch (not to mention introducing the world to the magic of John Boyega). And watch we have for the last six years as Cornish has been attached to a series of projects that either fell through or have yet to make it to the screen.

Today brings the good news that Cornish is finally set to direct his sophomore film, The Kid Who Would Be King, and this time it’s not a nebulous rumor or a long-gestating project, the film is casting right now. Word comes from casting director Jessica Ronane, who posted the announcement on Twitter (via The Playlist)Cornish will team with Working Title (Les Miserables) and Big Talk (Hot Fuzz), for the film, which is described as “a family fantasy action-adventure movie about a band of young kids embarking on an epic quest to thwart a Medieval menace.” That sounds like a damn fine fit for Cornish’s style, and you can consider me marked present and here for it.

Though it’s felt like a hell of a wait for Cornish’s next directorial project, the filmmaker has been keeping busy over the last six years. He working with his regular collaborator Edgar Wright on Ant-Man and The Adventures of Tintin, earning writing credits on both films. As a director, Cornish has been in talks for a number of franchise projects including Gambit and Star Trek Beyond, as well as studio originals like the sci-fi comic book adaptation Rust and Universal’s spy thriller Section 6. Cornish is also developing an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s epic novel Snow Crash, which producer Frank Marshall told was still on the table last July. At the time, he told us they were hoping to film in 2017, but it seems the project has been tabled for the time being.


via Collider

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