Shah Rukh Khan To Create Original Content With Netflix!!

Shah Rukh Khan who has tied up with Netflix for Red Chillies Entertainment films is now planning on the lines of originals for the platform.

Talking about his new plans, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that while he is definitely thinking of taking it forward with original content, he also maintained that it is entirely in the initial stages. He stated that his team is working on scripts as of now and that they are planning to pitch it to Netflix when they are ready with good content.

As for their deal that Red Chillies signed with Netflix in December, the latter has been given access to all their films of the past and future ones.

What further inspired the actor to take this step was his meeting with the team of Netflix. Shah Rukh Khan mentioned that they realized that they share a similar vision of telling a story in a grand manner and he also maintained that this is beyond just monetary value.

However, the details of the kind of content the actor is planning on to producer for Netflix is yet to be revealed.


via Bollywood Hungama

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