A Batman Beyond Movie for the DCEU Is Being Rumored!!

With the recent question whether or not Ben Affleck would be staying on for the Matt Reeves Batman movie, there has been all kinds of rumors and speculation surrounding the future of the DCEU Dark Knight.

Comic-Con did see Ben Affleck confirm he would be starring in Matt ReevesBatman movie, but a rumor prior to the SDCC stated WB was going to gracefully remove Ben Affleck from the Batman role.

Now a rumor has hit the net that is stating Ben Affleck has signed on for a new Matt Reeves Batman trilogy which will lead to live-action DCEU Batman Beyond movie.

According to the South African site, Fortress of Solitude, it’s said Ben Affleck has signed on for at least three more Batman films, with the third movie leading towards a Batman Beyond movie, which will kickstart the next phase of the DCEU.

“Yeah, he [Affleck] is staying on as the Batman. There were contract issues, but everything’s sorted now. He’ll do Reeves’ trilogy which sets up Batman Beyond, which will be the next phase of the DC film universe,” the source says.

While it’s unknown of the Batman Beyond rumor is legit, if Ben Affleck does to at least three more Batman movies (and possibly Justice League 2), that would make Affleck in his 50s. One of the arguments of the first rumor stating Affleck was leaving the DCEU was of his age, in that Affleck would be too old to play Batman. However, if you are familiar with Batman Beyond, it features an older Bruce Wayne mentoring the younger Batman, Terry McGinnis.

Talk of a live-action Batman Beyond movie actually isn’t unheard of. A few years ago saw noted Batman producer, Michael Uslan, talk about a live-action Batman Beyond movie.

Back in 2013 saw Uslan state: “Now if I can put by fanboy hat on again for one second. Not the producer thing, the fanboy thing. How cool might it be if one day to see a Batman Beyond live-action movie? When I think of Bruce Wayne in his 80s training a young Batman, how cool would it be to see Clint Eastwood as as Bruce Wayne in his 80s? He could pull up Batman a chair,” he joked. “You never know.”

A few months following Ulsan‘s statements then saw a rumor hit that there were whispers of a Batman Beyond movie.

Having an older Ben Affleck play Batman and then introducing Batman Beyond does certainly sounds like a graceful exit for Ben Affleck.

Batman Beyond was an animated series that aired from 1999 to 2002 developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett that followed the teenaged Batman, Terry McGinnis, in a futuristic Gotham City under the tutelage of an elderly Bruce Wayne.


via CosmicBookNews

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