Steven Soderbergh’s Mysterious iPhone-Shot Horror Movie Set for 2018!!!

You just never know what Steven Soderbergh is going to do. As a filmmaker, Soderbergh has made a career out of dodging expectations; bouncing between the mantle of indie auteur and A-list studio director, briefly retiring from film, trying his hand at TV, and generally bouncing around genres with the fearlessness of a creator who’s always working on the next project. Now, he’s gone and shook it up again with Unsane; the mysterious horror movie Soderbergh shot on an iPhone in a little over a week.

Per Deadline, we won’t have to wait too long to see Soderbergh’s next film — Bleecker Street will release Unsane in theaters on March 23, 2018, and the report notes that the picture is expected to go wide in theaters. The film is still quite the mysterious little production, with synopsis or plot details to speak of, but SNL vet Jay Pharoah previously described the film as a “reality-type horror — almost Get Out-ish, but different.” Pharoah stars alongside Juno Temple, Claire Foy, Amy Irving, and Aimee Mullins.

Landing in theaters ahead of Easter weekend, Unsane joins an already crowded lineup alongside Paramount’s animated family film Sherlock Gnomes, Legendary/Universal’s long-awaited Pacific Rim sequel Pacific Rim Uprising, Johnny Knoxville‘s latest stunt comedy Action Point, Open Road’s Midnight Sun with Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Wes Anderson‘s stop-motion picture Isle of Dogs, which Fox Searchlight will debut in limited release.

Soderbergh has played with genre pretty freely, moving from crowd-pleasers like Ocean’s 11 and Magic Mike and twisted, intense thrillers like Bubble and Side Effects, but he’s never quite crossed the line into horror before. His use of iPhone tech is interesting enough on its own, but I’m most excited to see how his filmmaking fingerprints transfer over to the horror genre — especially considering horror has usually been well served by the kind of filmmaking limitations Soderbergh seems to have put on himself for this one. “I just want to do it, sell it, and have it drop and that’s it,” he told GQ. He said that in August, Unsane is set for March. So yeah, sounds like he’s following through on those plans.


via Collider

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