‘Atlanta’s Season 2 Teaser Gives a Glimpse of the High Life!! Check It Out!!

During the Golden Globes, something unexpected happened — no, not Oprah‘s speech or Natalie Portman‘s pointed wording of the Best Director category, great as those were — but a glimpse at a series we haven’t seen in awhile. Since Donald Glover has been busy with, you know, Star Wars, Atlanta‘s second season has been a long time coming. But this teaser shows why it’s worth the wait; the stylish and of course enigmatic promo shows Earn (Glover) and his cousin Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) on the rise and … running from an alligator?

As we reported recently, the series premiere date has been revealed, along with a twist: “Atlanta Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, March 1st at 10pm ET/PT on FX. That’s soon! But the revelation of the premiere date is not all we learned today. FX has also revealed something of a title change for the series. This won’t simply be called Atlanta Season 2, but instead it’s being referred to as Atlanta Robbin’ Season. Glover reprises his role as Earn Marks, a young manager trying to get his cousin’s rap career off the ground while juggling a friendship with his cousin’s right hand man Darius (Lakeith Lee Stanfield), a relationship with his best friend and mother to his child Van (Zazie Beetz), and of course fatherhood.”

Check out the teaser below:

Atlanta was one of the most innovative and fantastic series of 2015, and one that completely won me over — despite my initial hesitation at yet another show trying to encapsulate an entire city. Somehow Atlanta managed to do it, though. The city is extremely diverse, and it seemed impossible boil that experience down into one show. But what Glover achieves with Atlanta is just a story about a man in a certain-sized city trying to make something happen despite, oftentimes, himself. The show’s style elevated what was already a universal kind of story into something we haven’t seen before, spinning its truth through a surreal and sharply considered lens.

Whatever Atlanta Robbin’ Season brings — its title has not been explained, but so what? — – it is sure to be a delight. The city of Atlanta didn’t have a great 2017, but hopefully the return of its flagship series will bring about a sunnier future.


via Collider

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