‘Westworld’ Featurette Reveals How Those Drone Hosts Were Created!!! Check It Out!!

The Westworld Season 2 premiere was packed with plenty of new reveals that set up a variety of new mysteries for the second season of HBO’s ambitious sci-fi series. One major revelation was the fact that there has been a secret facility below Westworld unbeknownst to Bernard (and presumably Ford as well), where Delos has been extracting experiences and possibly even DNA from the guests. What kind of employees were tasked with carrying out these secret tasks? Well they aren’t human, that’s for sure.

Indeed, Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte introduces Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) to a new type of host, the Drone Host, and a new video from HBO goes a bit deeper into what these hosts are and how they were created. These are hosts devoid of personality traits or even conversation capabilities—they’re machines assigned to do intricate work without ever talking back.

Given the nature of their work, these Drone Hosts were built without faces, resulting in a very creepy design that is as off-putting as it is terrifying. Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy reveal in the video below that the performers who played the Drone Hosts were skinny and nimble, and one was even a ballet dancer. But most impressive is the fact that the Drone Hosts are made almost entirely of a practical suit, save for some CG needed to remove the eyeholes that allow the actors to see.

Is there even more than meets the eye with these Drone Hosts, and could they too possibly gain sentience? We’ll find out in the weeks to come, but for now get a closer look at how they were made in the video below.

via Collider

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