Alex Garland Has No Interest In A Sequel To ‘Annihilation’!!!

Without a doubt, “Annihilation” is one of the best sci-fi films to come out in recent years. And since the film is based on the first novel in a series of popular books, one might think that after “Annihilation” was so critically-acclaimed, Paramount would be interested in continuing the franchise. However, if they do that, it’s going to be without filmmaker Alex Garland.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, the writer-director said that he has zero interest in making a follow-up to his film. “I’ve got no objection to someone else doing that, but I’m not interested in the idea of a sequel,” Garland said. “I feel like we made this movie and this is the movie we made.”

Now, don’t think that Garland’s reluctance towards making an “Annihilation” sequel has anything to do with the source material. In fact, it’s more a matter of principle. You see, Garland just doesn’t like the idea of sequels.

“When the thing is done, I am done with it,” Garland said. “I instantly start moving on, so I don’t even have an opinion on an ‘Annihilation’ sequel. All the way through I was clear with everyone, from the studio to the cast, I told everyone that I didn’t really see it as part of a franchise. My goal was to make this film and do the best job I can. I didn’t even conceptualize it as the start of a trilogy. Sequels are just not something I’m interested in doing. It’s like when you don’t like steak, you don’t make the decision not to eat steak, you just don’t eat steak. I just don’t do sequels.”

Of course, with the low box office totals, a sequel probably wasn’t ever going to be in the cards. However, as the film hits home release, there’s a high likelihood that more people will finally get a chance to see “Annihilation” after Paramount buried the film with a horrible release strategy earlier this year. But alas, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get to see the final two books in the “Southern Reach Trilogy” on the big screen.

Even though Garland doesn’t want to pursue a sequel to the film, the filmmaker is still pleased with the reaction “Annihilation” received. “I somehow felt like I was told it wasn’t going to work for everyone and so when it did, I was genuinely surprised,” he said. “I was truly taken aback by it. It was kind of amazing and moving to tell you the truth. You can’t take the comparisons to Kubrick or Tarkovsky seriously, but the people talking about the way it related to a very personal aspect of their life or their psychology, now that was very powerful for me.”

If you are one of the many who missed “Annihilation” in theaters, the DVD/Blu-ray is out now.


via The Playlist

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