‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Gal Gadot Suits Up in New Image!!! Check It Out!!

Gal Gadot may be rocking some serious shoulder pads (let’s not even get into Steve Trevor’s fanny pack) in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up the tiara and gauntlets. Gadot has shared a new image from Wonder Woman 1984, offering a first-look at Diana Prince suited up and ready for action.

Suit aficionados may spot some minor differences in the suit (are those colors a little more of the classic, punchy red and blue?), but the casual observer will be happy to note that Wonder Woman 2 is taking the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality to Gadot’s costume. Don’t worry, we’ll have all that fresh 1980s fashion to feast our eyes on and I must say, Diana’s got that big, bouncy 80s hair going on in the best way .

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also returns for the sequel, which picks up with the titular superhero in the 1980s, when she faces an all new enemy — The Cheetah. Kristen Wiig is set to play the role of the comic book super villain. Narcos star Pedro Pascal is also set to star. Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor and we’re all about as confused about that as Steve Trevor is about windbreakers.

Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder remain on board as producers alongside Jenkins, Gadot, Charles Roven, and Stephen JonesRebecca Roven OakleyRichard SuckleWesley CollerWalter Hamada, and Geoff Johns are executive producers.

Jenkins has also reunited much of her below-the-line creative team from Wonder Woman, including director of photography Matthew Jensen, production designer Aline Bonetto, and costume designer Lindy Hemming. Oscar-nominated editor Ricahrd Pearson (United 93) is editing the film. Production will take place in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, and in the UK, Spain and the Canary Islands, so hopefully we’ll glimpse some more on-location shots throughout the summer — and, even better, here’s hoping Gadot and Jenkins will keep the high-res teases coming.

Check out the new image below. Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters on November 1, 2019.


Image via Warner Bros.


via Collider

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