‘Ray Donovan’ Season 6 Trailer Has Liev Schreiber Setting Up in New York!! Check It Out!!

After the tragic loss of Abby (Paula Malcomson) to end Ray Donovan Season 5, Ray (Liev Schreiber) was clearly adrift. Fans speculated at the time about whether or not his jumping off a building and into the river to close out the season was real (as he was “following” Abby there), but a new trailer released by Showtime seems to confirm it happened. From there, a grizzled Ray relocates to New York, still working for Susan Sarandon‘s Samantha Winslow, and fixin’ things in the Big Apple. Though the trailer doesn’t reveal much, the overall theme is very much one of violence and chaos.

If you’ve been reading my articles on Ray Donovan through the years, you’ll know that I’ve always felt the show is strongest when it’s tied to family and family moments rather than Ray’s life as a fixer. The show has often been split between the two, and never was that more obvious than in Season 5, when there was really nothing for Sarandon’s character to even do. That side of Ray’s life — get a new rabbi, have an affair with an ingenue he’s sworn to protect, come up against Hollywood players, and almost learn something about himself — has been a “wash, rinse, repeat” part of the show for years, whereas the family drama is always potent, heartbreaking, and occasionally even really funny.

To see the show going even darker (so it seems) for its sixth season is not particularly encouraging, and it will be important to see how the show bridges the divide between Ray in New York and his family in Los Angeles. For now, you can check out the trailer below; Ray Donovan Season 6 premieres October 28th and 9 p.m.

Here’s the official Season 6 synopsis:

As season six of RAY DONOVAN begins, we find Ray (Schreiber) rebuilding his life both personally and professionally in New York City. After being rescued from a plummet into the East River, his savior, a cop named Mac (Domenick Lombardozzi), brings Ray into the fraternity that is the Staten Island Police Department. While exploring this new world of brotherhood and corruption, Ray finds himself once again working for media mogul Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon). Sam has teamed up with New York City mayoral candidate Anita Novak (Lola Glaudini), a partnership that puts Ray at odds with his new friends out in Staten Island. A SHOWTIME production, RAY DONOVAN also stars Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Katherine Moennig, Pooch Hall, Kerris Dorsey, Devon Bagby and Graham Rogers, with Oscar® winner and multiple Emmy-nominated actress Sarandon (returning as a series regular). The 12-episode season of RAY DONOVAN is currently in production in New York. RAY DONOVAN is executive produced by David Hollander, Mark Gordon, Bryan Zuriff and Lou Fusaro, and was created by Ann Biderman.


via Collider

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