‘Stargirl’: Henry Thomas Cast As Doctor Mid-Nite!!!

DC Universe’s Stargirl continues to fill out its founding members of the Justice Society of America; right on the heels of Joel McHale joining the series as Starman and Lou Ferrigno Jr. coming aboard as Hourman, EW reports that The Haunting of Hill House star Henry Thomas has been cast in a recurring guest-star role as Dr. Charles McNider, a.k.a. the owlish Doctor Mid-Nite, a.ka. one of DC Comics’ foremost practitioners of the “my superhero name sounds like my real name” power move.

The character, an OG superhero from DC’s Golden Age, first appeared in All-American Comics #45 in 1941. A brilliant surgeon, McNider was blinded—23 years before Daredevil, I might add—by a mobster’s bomb, but soon discovered that he could see perfectly in total darkness. Other people have taken up the mantle over the years, but the owl motif—plus an actual squadron of owl sidekicks, which is fantastic—have remained relatively the same.

Stargirl is executive-produced by Geoff Johns, who will also serve as showrunner and write the first episode. Brec Bassinger (The Goldbergs) will star as Courtney Whitmore—a character created by Johns in 1999 along with artist Lee Moder—a teenager who discovers the Cosmic Staff, a powerful DC Comics artifact, and heads up a rag-tag crew of superhuman crimefighters.

Stargirl is expected to debut on the DC Comics streaming service in late 2019. Meanwhile, the network’s Titans just aired a finale that saw Batman murder the hell out of a bunch of people, while the live-action Doom Patrol series and the Swamp Thing show from Mark Verheiden (Ash vs. Evil Dead) and Gary Dauberman (The Nun) are both set for mid-2019 premiere dates.


via Collider

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