‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ Trailer Teases Steven and the Gems’ Next Battle!! Check It Out!!

The first trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The trailer was shown during the Steven Universe panel featuring series creator Rebecca Sugar, as well as Deedee Magno (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Estelle (Garnet), and Shelby Rabara (Peridot), a.k.a. the Crystal Gems portion of the voice cast.

The first Steven Universe: The Movie announcement was made back in July 2018. Now, one year later, fans were finally given a closer look at the film thanks to a new trailer. The trailer is brief, teasing a new threat arriving in Beach City and forcing both Steven (Zach Callison) and the Crystal Gems to spring into action to combat it. The trailer also previews one of the many new songs made especially for the film, “True Kinda Love” by Estelle and Zach Collison.

Sugar and the voice cast were very tight-lipped when it came to discussing anything outside of what was seen in the trailer. However, Vulture reported from the panel that in addition to Estelle, artists including Chance the RapperAimee MannMacie Stewart, and Jeff Liu had also contributed to the soundtrack. Additionally, the official Steven Universe: The Movie poster was unveiled, giving fans a better look at the new villain Steven will be fighting. Even better, it was confirmed that if you tune in to watch the film, you should stick for an hour-long making-of documentary that will air after the movie. Fun!

Steven Universe: The Movie will premiere on Cartoon Network on September 2 at 6/5c. Check out the trailer below:

via Collider

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