Hulu-Bleecker Street Deal Sees Many Indies Coming to the Streamer!!

Hulu is beefing up its movie library thanks to a new streaming deal with New York-based distributor Bleecker Street. The new deal comes at a time where existing streaming services are looking to up their attractiveness to current and prospective customers as new streaming services like HBO Max and Disney+ prepare to launch.

Per the latest from Deadline, Hulu’s exclusive streaming deal with Bleecker Street was recently solidified. The partnership means recent independent titles including The Art of Self-Defense starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, and Teen Spiritstarring Elle Fanning and Rebecca Hall, will be coming to the streamer.

In a statement regarding the deal, Heather Moosnick, SVP Content Partnerships at Hulu, shared,

Hulu is committed to bringing impactful, quality films to audiences everywhere. We’re excited to enter into this new partnership with Bleecker Street, whose commitment to excellence is recognized by moviegoers and the industry alike. We can’t wait to share the latest Bleecker releases with the Hulu audience.

Now that the deal is in place, Hulu customers will begin to see Bleecker Street offerings pop up on their landing pages as early as this fall. The first title to arrive will be 2018’s Hotel Mumbai, starring Dev Patel and Armie Hammer. Arriving some time afterward is The Art of Self-Defense and Teen Spirit.

In addition to Moosnick’s statement, Andrew Karpen, Bleecker Street CEO, commented, “As we continue to expand our slate of films, we are always searching for the best partners to reach the broadest audience. We know Hulu subscribers will find something distinct and enlightening about each of our titles.”


via Collider

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