‘Behind the Attraction’: Dwayne Johnson to Produce Disney+ Theme Park Docuseries!!

Dwayne Johnson will be the face of a Disneyland ride-based movie when Jungle Cruise hits theaters next year, but it appears his interest in theme park attractions doesn’t end there. Per Variety, Johnson and his Seven Bucks Productions partners are teaming with The Nacelle Company—the team behind Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us—to create a docuseries exclusively for Disney+ called Behind the Attraction.

Disney Plus has ordered 10 one-hour episodes of the show, which will “take viewers into the history of how popular Disney destinations came to be, how they have changed over time, and how fans continue to obsess over them.” While this certainly sounds like one long ad for Disney Parks, I’m hopeful that the involvement of Johnson and the Nacelle Company team means the series will actually dig deep into the making of some of these iconic attractions and not simply serve as a way to drive ticket sales. The show will feature interviews with fans as well as Disney Imagineers and other people behind the scenes.

Johnson is executive producing alongside his Seven Bucks team Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Brian Gewirtz, and Kevin Hill, while Brian Volk-Weiss, Robin Henry, and Cisco Henson from The Nacelle Company also executive produce. Volk-Weiss, who helmed multiple episodes of The Toys That Made Us, will direct the show.

Behind the Attraction is not entirely dissimilar from an existing docuseries set to launch on Disney+ in December called One Day at Disney, which will feature short-form episodes delving into a day in the life of a different Disney employee for each installment—including Imagineers. But Behind the Attraction sounds like its squarely focused on theme park rides, and I genuinely look forward to getting an intimate deep dive into the making of everything from the Avatar ride Flight of Passage to the classic It’s a Small World.

No debut date is yet set, but with the announcement just now happening, I expect this might not release until sometime next year. Perhaps just in time for Jungle Cruise to arrive in theaters on July 24th?


via Collider

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