‘Treasure Island’: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Director Dean DeBlois to Helm Live-Action for Universal!!

After spending the better part of a decade creating the triumphant How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, director Dean DeBlois is doubling down on his live-action debut. Recently we learned he had signed on to direct a Micronauts movie for Hasbro and Paramount, and now Variety reports that DeBlois will also be directing a live-action take on Treasure Island for Universal Pictures and Mandeville Films.

The movie is of course based on the 1883 adventure novel of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson, which tells the story of a group of sea-faring sailors who set out to find an island that hosts a buried treasure. Pirate shenanigans ensue.

DeBlois will collaborate with Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and the Huntsman co-writer Evan Spiliotopoulos on the story, with Spiliotopoulos handling the screenplay duties. But since Mirconauts already has a 2021 release date, DeBlois is expected to make that Paramount movie first.

The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is one of the greatest animated feats of the decade, with compassionate, epic storytelling that never talked down to its audience. That’s a testament to DeBlois’ storytelling instincts, so I’m mighty eager to see what a live-action film from the director looks like. Luckily, he’s wasting no time in lining up exciting new projects.


via Collider

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