Disney Reveals Release Schedule Through 2023!!

Walt Disney Studios just unveiled an updated release schedule that will take us well into 2023, in case you were somehow worried that the biggest entertainment entity in the universe was going to stop making movies. Most of the schedule consists of untitled projects linked to different branches of the studio, such as Pixar and Marvel. But the schedule also includes several upcoming 20th Century Fox films, including two Ben Affleck movies and some Avatar sequels.

There’s also a truly surprising shake-up in Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man. The upcoming prequel to The Kingsman was due to be released on February 14th, but it has been abruptly pushed back to September. Bumping a movie seven months back this close to release is rarely a good sign. Meanwhile, the upcoming Ben Affleck film Deep Water is set for release in November 2020, and The Last Duel, the infamous rape-centric film from director Ridley Scott starring Affleck and Matt Damon, has been given a limited release on Christmas Day 2020. (Merry Christmas!)

The list is exhaustive, and includes 5 untitled Marvel films, 4 untitled Pixar films, 3 untitled Disney animated films, and 20 untitled Fox projects. On the Marvel end of things, we have Black Widow in May 2020, The Eternals in November 2020, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in May 2021, Thor: Love and Thunder in November 2021, and Black Panther 2 in May 2022.

There’s also an Untitled Indiana Jones scheduled for July of 2021, which means the long-gestating project might be closer to entering production than we realized. Director Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is on the schedule for a December 2020 release, so maybe Indiana Jones 5 is next on his to-do list.

Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, the boldest called shots in film history, are due for December 2021 and December 2023 releases, respectively. And finally, there is a single untitled Star Wars film on the roster for December 2022. It’s likely the first film of Rian Johnson’s new trilogy, but with all the chaos behind-the-scenes of Star Wars lately, who knows.


via Collider

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