‘The Outsider’: New Trailer Teases the Mysterious HBO Series!! Check It Out!!

HBO has released the official trailer for one of its new 2020 dramas, The Outsider. Adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name, the series stars Jason Bateman as Terry Maitland, a man convicted of murdering a child, Ben Mendelsohn as Ralph Anderson, a local detective investigating the case but also wrestling with his personal connection to Terry, and Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney, a psychic brought in to help when confusing evidence surfaces.

The official trailer for The Outsider manages to be even more mysterious than the teaser trailer released back in October. The basics remain: Terry Maitland, a well-known and liked guy, is arrested for the murder of an 11-year-old boy. Ralph Anderson is brought in to investigate. But, as Ralph and his team look into the case, strange evidence begins to turn up that casts doubt among some that Terry is the right suspect. One of the biggest pieces of confusing evidence? Footage from a security camera showing Terry miles away from the apparent scene of the crime at the same time the murder was happening. So, what’s really happening here? Does Terry have a criminal doppelgänger? Did he actually commit the crime? Or is there something even more supernatural and sinister at work?

Considering this is adapted from one of King’s novels, we can absolutely expect there to be more twists and turns than the Autobahn. There’s also a pervasive darkness to the show the trailer highlights which reminds you of a show where True Detective meets Sharp Objects meets Castle Rock. In short, a show that will delight folks in search of a show that blends crime, drama, and sci-fi/fantasy.

The Outsider lands on HBO Sunday, January 12 at 9/8c.


via Collider

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