‘Bad Boys For Life’ Gets a Nostalgic Behind the Scenes Video!! Check It Out!!

Bad Boys For Life explodes into theaters shortly, a full 17 years after the last installment and a quarter century since the original film premiered. That’s a hell of a long time to wait for a reunion of Miami supercops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, and to commemorate the occasion, Sony has released a brief behind-the-scenes video of franchise stars Will Smith (Mike) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus) sharing their memories of working on the films and their excitement about returning after so many years to do a new one. (Seriously, it’s been so long that Will Smith actually gets the dates wrong.)

The video, appropriately titled “Bad Boys For Life – Nostalgia”, is short but sweet, with Lawrence and Smith displaying the charm and chemistry that made the Bad Boys franchise a hit. Believe it or not, the original Bad Boys was Smith’s first starring role in a film (he’d played a major supporting role in Six Degrees of Separation two years earlier), as well as the first movie directed by explosion aficionado Michael Bay. Lawrence, who was the bigger star when the original was released, jokes about how he hasn’t stayed in as good shape as Smith. In Martin’s defense, very few people have stayed in Will Smith shape over the past two decades.

The two stars briefly talk about what they love about the franchise and why they think their characters have resonated with audiences for so long. It’s a quick watch, but worth it for anyone who is as hyped for the impending release of the new film as Smith and Lawrence seem to be. Check out the video below. Bad Boys For Life hits theaters January 17.


via Collider

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