‘Resident Evil’: Fan site Reveals Synopsis For the Upcoming Netflix Series!!

Things are getting interesting with regards to Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Resident Evil. That is, if these two stories are to be believed. On top of the rumoured June production start, we now have info on a potential synopsis for the series, as well as details on the series’ focus.

Once again, neither of these have been confirmed by Netflix or Constantin Film.

The first comes from Brazilian fansite, Resident Evil Database (thanks, Gabriel), who apparently contacted Netflix’s press office in Brazil for information. The response was this synopsis:

“The city of Clearfield, Maryland, has long lived under the shadow of three seemingly disconnected entities: Umbrella Corporation, the now retired Greenwood Asylum and the federal capital, Washington. Now, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, the secrets kept by the trio are beginning to surface, with the first signs of the epidemic.”

The other story comes from a now-redacted story by Splash Report, which reported that the series will focus on Jade and Billie Wesker, who are half-sisters and the daughters of series antagonist Albert Wesker. If this is indeed the case, those looking for an adaptation that follows the games themselves will be out of luck, as neither character has had any prior inclusion in the game series.

But once again, until Netflix comes out with an official synopsis and production start date, we’re all left to speculate.


via Bloody Disgusting

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