‘Bill and Ted 3’: New Image Released as Director Hints at Plot!! Check It Out!!

A new look at Bill & Ted 3 has arrived, showing off stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their iconic roles in dapper-looking suits. But more than that, director Dean Parisot is finally loosening the lid on the film’s plot. 

Bill & Ted Face the Music is a sequel to the two previous Bill & Ted movies and was written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, who also wrote the two previous Bill & Ted movies and created the characters. Thus far, we’ve known only that the new story finds William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan facing middle age having yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny. Put short: they haven’t written the song that saves the world yet, and it feels like time is running out. A visitor from the future warns them that now is the time to get crackin’ on that world-saving song, or else life as we know it may cease to exist. Along for the ride this time around are Bill and Ted’s daughters, played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine.

This new image was originally revealed in the new issue of Empire magazine, in which Parisot—who also directed Galaxy Quest and the action comedy sequel RED 2—teased the higher stakes of this sequel and seemed to suggest that Bill and Ted are on a ticking clock:

“We’ve gone from a homework assignment to saving all space and time. We bypassed all those possible traumas in the middle,” director Dean Parisot tells Empire in the new issue. “They have an hour and 18 minutes. So they’re in trouble. And let’s say that they have to travel all over the place to try and figure it out.”

1 hour and 18 minutes is unlikely to be the film’s entire runtime—there’s gotta be an introduction and denouement—but it does sound like we’ll get to follow Bill and Ted around on their adventure in real time. I wouldn’t necessarily expect 1917-levels of accuracy, but this ticking clock isn’t entirely dissimilar to how the first movie found Bill and Ted cramming for their homework assignment in a single night.

So check out the brand new Bill and Ted 3 image below, and hopefully a trailer is on its way soon. Bill & Ted Face the Music opens in theaters on August 21st.


Image via Orion Pictures


via Collider

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