‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gets a New Golden Poster!! Check It Out!!

We’re just 84 days away from the release of Wonder Woman 1984. To celebrate this milestone moment, Warner Bros. has gifted fans with a new poster featuring the Wonder Woman sequel star Gal Gadot clad in her brand-new armor.

The new Wonder Woman 1984 poster is made in the same trippy, neon style as the character posters unveiled at CCXP in December 2019. Bright golds, oranges, and reds swirling around Wonder Woman in an oil-slick pattern, bringing some fire and life to the otherwise static poster. In profile, Wonder Woman bends the knee as she shows off a new view of her golden armor, which we also got to see in full view in the first trailer for the Wonder Woman sequel, which also debuted at CCXP.

While other studios are opting to delay the release dates for big tentpole pictures due to ongoing public health concerns, Warner Bros. is holding fast to the currently June 5 release date for Wonder Woman 1984. Sure, those plans could change at any point but for now, it’s full steam ahead for the Themysciran god’s continuing story. For now, it seems nothing will stop Gadot and co-stars Chris PineKristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal from bringing to life a new chapter of this DC superhero’s story, as directed by Patty Jenkins.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 5.


via Collider

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